Choosing to be childfree opens a world of possibilities - joys and adventures, but also a few challenges in a society that’s behind the curve in accepting and celebrating the childfree choice.

Erika Arias speaks with couples about their unique romantic trajectories that have led towards the decision to opt out of parenthood. This is a series about liberating more people to choose a life that is most genuine to them, and to celebrate a choice that challenges antiquated perspectives about gender, sex, love, and what it means to be a real family in society.

Discussion topics will include but are not limited to: health, wellness, love, professional life, sex, contraception, and relationship satisfaction over time.  This series will highlight the benefits of life in the childfree lane, and will correct misassumptions about childfree couples to increase societal acceptance of all childfree individuals, whether they have found their soulmate, are in search of childfree love, or are happily single and childfree. Acceptance of all marginalized lifestyles and identities is crucial in a world that needs more equality, and less alienation, less internalized oppression, and less disconnection from personal values.